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The landmark 2013 Annie E. Casey Foundation publication, Early Warning Confirmed: A Research Update on Third-Grade Reading, reported that 80% of 4th graders from low-income families nationwide are not proficient in reading and that more than ΒΌ of these struggling readers do not graduate from high school!

The mission of Read to a Child is to increase children's success in reading and in life by inspiring adults to read to them regularly. Research has clearly demonstrated that reading aloud to a child fosters his/her love of reading and positively impacts both literacy and social/emotional skills.

You can help us attain our goal of reaching even more low-income children and reversing the alarming literacy trend in urban cities across the United States by donating today:

  • $25 can get a series of chapter books into a child's hands
  • $50 can provide screening and training of a volunteer
  • $100 can sponsor a year-end celebration and certificates for the children in the program
  • $250 can provide a school with new books customized to children's interests and teacher requests
  • $500 can sponsor a child in Read to a Child's lunchtime reading program for a whole year!
  • $1,000 will automatically add you to the "Suess Circle" Leadership Giving Level and can sponsor a child for two years!
  • and... $2,000 can sponsor a child in the program from first to fourth grade - this builds a powerful mentoring relationship that can be transformative for a child!

In Read to a Child's flagship Lunchtime Reading Program, students who are struggling with reading and would benefit from time spent with a caring adult are recommended by their teachers to be paired with an adult volunteer mentor. Mentors read aloud one-on-one with students once a week, enabling the child to improve listening and reading skills, increase vocabulary, and develop a love of reading and literature.

In addition, having a consistent relationship with a caring adult has a profound effect on the child. The relationship formed during the lunchtime reading program often lasts multiple years and has been shown to improve a child's self-esteem and self-confidence.

This past school year, Read to a Child provided more than 35,000 one-on-one reading sessions for 1,300 elementary school students. These children worked with more than 1,700 adult volunteers at 32 elementary schools across the country. Read to a Child currently supports children in Greater Boston, Connecticut, Detroit, Los Angeles, and South Florida.

Our most recent year-end surveys revealed highly positive results: 98% of students made gains in one or more of the following areas: vocabulary; listening comprehension; ability to articulate thoughts; self-confidence; enthusiasm for books and reading; reading more often by own choice; greater interest in classroom reading; exposure to new ideas, knowledge, people, and places; critical thinking; and overall reading ability. Teacher assessments of individual students in the 2016-2017 year also showed that 100% of students improved in one or more of these categories!

Thank you for considering a donation to Read to a Child. Every dollar donated is maximized and will directly support the work being done to improve children's success in reading and in life.

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