Help Kids in Need Love to Read!

Help Kids In Need Learn and Love to Read A Project of Read to a Child

How lucky I’ve been this past year!

I've spent time with many old, dear friends; George (still curious), Alexander (still having a very bad day), Miss Nelson (still missing), and the Cat (still wearing his hat)! And I've made lots of new friends; a kid who's wimpy, a llama who wears red pajamas, and especially a second grader who likes to eat his lunch while I read aloud to him. As a reading mentor in Read to a Child's Lunchtime Reading Program at Betances Early Reading Lab in Hartford, I've shared scores of stories, old and new, with my reading partner, building his literacy skills, demonstrating how much fun it can be to read, and expanding our mutual horizons. How lucky we both we are!

Not every child is as lucky! Not child every child is read to regularly!

Currently 80% of 4th graders from low-income families in the United States are not proficient in reading; a deficit that greatly hampers their ultimate academic, social, and lifetime success. And research shows that reading aloud to a child is the single most important factor in developing skills to learn to read!

That's why I am so proud to be associated with Read to a Child, an organization that inspires caring adults to read aloud to children and help create better opportunities for the future. Throughout March, National Reading Month, Read to a Child's "Helping Kids in Need Learn to Read Campaign" seeks to raise $100,000 which will provide 6,000 reading sessions to underserved children across the nation. I am joining in this effort with a personal fundraising goal of $2,000.

May I please ask for your support so that together we can help more children in need learn and love to read? How lucky they'll be to meet the ever curious George, the woefully wimpy kid, and a myriad of other literary friends for a lifetime!

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