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You are looking at two-year-old Benjamin DeMarzo helping his buddy, "Brownie," the bear, love to read. Brownie is a lucky bear. Not every bear gets read to every day. Not every bear comes from a loving home. Some bears get plopped in front of the TV too often because their parents work two jobs each to make ends meet. Some bears come from homes where their parents don't read to them in English, so they fall behind at school. Some bears come from low income homes where they are statistically far more likely to read below their grade level. Imagine what happens to the rest of their school work when they can't properly read?

Now what if Brownie was a child? Well, the story is no different, and a lot more sad. Nationwide, 83% of 4th graders from low-income families are not proficient in reading, according to the 2010 Annie E. Casey Foundation report, EARLY WARNING!, Why Reading by the end of Third Grade Matter. Why is this reading situation an urgent matter? "Surveys of adolescents and young adults with criminal records indicate that at least half have reading difficulties, and in some states the size of prisons a decade in the future is predicted by fourth-grade reading failure rates,"according to Dr. G. Reid Lyon, Chief of Child Development and Behavior at the National Institute of Health.

I proudly serve as the Boston Regional Chairman of "Read to a Child" We are a lunchtime reading program which has grown into a national partnership engaging thousands of caring adults and over 100 socially-minded companies who provide structured one-to-one reading time for youth at risk of educational failure across the United States. Currently, Read to a Child is providing the lunchtime reading program for children in Boston, Detroit, Connecticut, Los Angeles, and South Florida, with plans for further expansion. We've launched our fourth annual online fundraiser in the month of March which is National Reading Month. You can see our national fundraising page by clicking the "Help Kids in Need Love to Read" link at the top of this page. Our collective goal is to raise $100,000 and I appreciate you taking a moment out of your busy day and considering a donation to help us bring this program to more children.



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