Reading to a child ignites curiosity, empathy, & understanding-and it's fun

Please donate to my Read to a Child campaign to bring volunteer readers to children who need them

Olivia's Read to a Child Fundraiser 2017 A Project of Read to a Child

As many of you know, I remain passionate about Read to a Child's mission--even though I am no longer working for the organization. As a Boston Board member, I know that your donation will be used wisely towards sparking an interest in reading in children who benefit tremendously from the reading role models that Read to a Child provides for over 1,000 children annually.

Personally, I highly recommend the book in the photo above if you are looking for a compelling and meaningful book to read to a child who is about 10 years old. The War that Saved My Life was one of those books that you can't wait to get back to--and of course it made me cry multiple times as I read it to Torey each night at bedtime. (Be prepared for some deep conversations that may not be easy!)

Please make a donation and help me to reach my $1,000 goal again this year. Thank you so much for your support.

$1,500 Raised
150% towards $1,000 Goal

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  • Jamie S.
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    One of my favorite organizations! Thanks for doing such great work
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    Glad to support such an amazing organization!
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    Thanks for all your great work on behalf of Read To A Child!
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    Reading is so important. Happy to contribute to such a great cause.
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    Olivia, your passion and dedication are always so inspiring and impressive. You've so willingly and effectively nurtured success.
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    Great work for a great cause, Olivia!!!
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