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Vicki Newberry Sullivan A Project of Read to a Child

I love reading to a child every week. Its like free therapy- it makes you feel good. I have been a volunteer on the BNYMellon team for many years now and I have so many stories of how Read to a Child's model of a 1-1 mentoring relationship has such positive impacts on the kids. This year I am partnering with other readers from BNY Mellon to help raise funds for Read to a Child. Every gift helps to bring more kids the gift of literacy. Thank you for your donation!

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  • Nichole D.
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    I wish it could be more but being out of work and in school is just tough right now :) I know this means a lot to you though I wanted to support you
  • Vicki  N.
    I Gave $50
    Everybody wins when you Read to a Child!
  • Lynn  N.
    I Gave $100
  • Truc L.
    I Gave $10