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My love of reading was sparked by my parents and older siblings, who read aloud to me every night before bed. Everything from "Curious George" to "Harry Potter" (my personal favorite) - I always asked for just one more book or one more chapter! As my brother and sister got older, they joined in and would read aloud to me before bed, too! It was always a family tradition.

As I got older and learned to read myself, I would bring home books from school and insist that we all read them together. Some of my favorite memories involved a book in my hand and my family always encouraged my love for books.

Unfortunately, not every child is lucky enough to be read to regularly. 80% of 4th graders from low-income families are not proficient in reading and 2/3rds of those will spend time on welfare or in jail!

Read to a Child inspires caring adults to read aloud to children and to help create better opportunities for the future. Volunteer reading mentors give their student partners the time, confidence, and tools to reverse the cycle of illiteracy. This past September, I started reading to my own student, a 4th grader named Leo, and it has been life changing. Every Wednesday, I am greeted with his warm smile and excitement to read. We are both currently obsessed with the series "Hilo" and look forward to reading more every week!

I'm teaming up with Read to a Child to raise $100,000 this March that will provide 6,000 reading sessions to children in need. Please donate on this page and help me spread the word!

Thank you so much for supporting Read to a Child. With your help, we can Help Kids in Need Love to Read!

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