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Eaton Vance Gives to Read to a Child A Project of Read to a Child

March is National Reading Month and Read to a Child is hoping to $100,000 during the month to provide 6,000 reading sessions to children in need during the upcoming school year!

$25 can get a series of chapter books into a child's hands

$50 can provide screening and training of a volunteer

$100 can sponsor a year-end celebration and certificates for the children in the program

$250 can provide a school with new books customized to children's interests and teacher requests

and.... $500 can sponsor a child in Read to a Child's lunchtime reading program for a whole year!

$185 Raised
18% towards $1,000 Goal

Supported by 6 Donations:

  • Nicole V.
    I Gave $25
    To many, many years of reading with such deserving children.
  • Taylor M.
    I've had such a great experience reading this year and look forward to encouraging young readers for years to come!
  • Kristin A.
    Here's to helping encourage children to become lifelong readers!
  • Rebecca M.
    I Gave $25
    Here's to sharing the joy of reading
  • Davendra R.
    Its such a pleasure to be read to the kids who so want to be read to. And this donation feels like a way to make the program more successful still!
  • Robyn  T.
    I Gave $25
    Here's to purchasing more chapter books!