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"We were reading a rhyming book and we decided to sing the words while snapping our fingers. His smile just lit up the room! " ~ Bow Elementary volunteer

You can create lasting memories for students while also enhaning thier literacy skills by supporting Read to a Child's Lunchtime Reading program.

This school year, we have been asked by 4 schools to provide an additional 600 one-on-one Lunchtime Reading Program sessions to students in Detroit and Pontiac and we NEED YOUR HELP. In order to purchase books, materials, recruit volunteers and provide quality programming, we need to raise $10,000. By offering a financial gift you will not only be providing hundreds of students in our community an opportunity to enhance their literacy skills but also spread the LOVE OF READING which will stay with them for their entire life.


Teacher and Mentor Testimonials:

~ My student is much calmer and he is thinking things through more in class thanks to the program

~I think that some of these students don't have anyone at home that reads with or to them. To have mentors helps give them a space to have that missing gap filled. 3

~The main benefit I saw from Read to a Child is my students who were a part of the program showed improved self - esteem when reading and led to an increase in reading interest.

~Every time after the session, we would perform subtraction using the current page, and the page where we left off last time. It was always fun to watch him discover the answer and talk about how many pages that we read that day.

~I was so pleased, a few weeks ago, when during the reading of one of her favorite books, she blurted out, "Those words rhyme!" I don't think she had ever heard it read properly. Last week, she selected another rhyming text and asked to buddy read with me. We took turns and I loved seeing and hearing her "poetic" performance.

~One day he tried to read. Even though he does need help with his words, he did a great job. He was so proud of himself he asked me to tell his teacher how well he did. I did see his teacher in the hall and told her what a fabulous job he did reading. Justin was so proud of himself and so was I. I will never forget his SMILE.

~We read Aladdin for the first time and my student was completely mesmerized the entire time. He loved the book so much he asked to read it every week after that.

~One day she came in a Princess Dress. She always loves the princess stories - and dressed up specifically for lunchtime reading.

To learn more visit: www.readtoachild.org/Detroit

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