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Power the Potential of Every Child A Project of Read to a Child

I love Read to a Child and have experienced first-hand how simple the actions of reading and listening to a child transforms attitude, confidence, and performance. I know that a caring adult spending time with a child every week reading and talking can help these kids get excited about learning, significantly increase the likelihood they will remain in school, graduate and become successful members of our society.

A reading mentor helps to improve the literacy skills needed to succeed in a knowledge-based economy. I know volunteer readers from science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries can inspire kids to pursue careers in STEM fields by being role models and through story-telling. I know that adults talking with kids about books helps to build critical skills in logic, reasoning and communication which are needed in all industries and aspects of life.

A donation today can help in the following ways

  • $25 can get a series of chapter books into a child's hands
  • $50 can provide screening and training of a volunteer
  • $100 can sponsor a year-end celebration and certificates for the children in the program
  • $250 can provide new books customized to children's interests and teacher requests
  • $500 can sponsor a child in Read to a Child's Lunchtime Reading Program for a year!
  • $1,000 or above will automatically add you to the "Seuss Circle" Leadership Giving Level
  • $2,000 can sponsor a child for all four years of the program (from 1st to 4th grade)!
$60 Raised
4% towards $1,500 Goal

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