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This is my third year reading to Diana. She is now in 4th grade and will "graduate" from the Read to a Child Lunchtime Reading Program at the end of this school year. Thanks to your support, she and 66 other 1st through 4th graders at the Whittemore School (no relation) in Waltham currently are being read to on a weekly basis by committed volunteers. Throughout the Boston area we currently serving close to 800 children in 16 schools.

Why am I asking you to support Read to a Child? Because I can see first hand that our program is making a difference. Not only is Diana paying attention to what I am reading, but she eagerly shares snippets of her life with me. It runs the gamut of announcing that one book character is "a bully and disrespectful" to her first roller skating adventure during the February school vacation. Relationships such as ours are happening all over - not only in greater Boston, but also in Hartford, Detroit, Los Angeles and Miami. That's why I am asking for your donation.

Thanks so much for your support!

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